Benefits of Standing

Over the past decade the nature of jobs in Zimbabwe has evolved tremendously. The majority of Zimbabwean workers have moved out of the factory, off the farm, and into the office. The life of a worker…

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The Power of Partnerships

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is trying to do everything on their own. To avoid this, businesses should hire and train the correct employees. More importantly, however, they should engage in strategic…

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Is Your Office Going Green?

My boss does not throw away a sheet of paper until it has been thoroughly used on both sides. Purchases from the stationery shop do not go beyond a stack of bond paper. As an organization, how often…

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Productivity & Serenity

Recently, there has been much talk of Feng-Shui – an ancient Chinese geomantic system applied in the field of furnishing domestic interiors. It is of the notion that exploiting the positive vibrational energy…

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Start Up Furniture

Start Up is a range of office furniture ideal for dynamic, young companies with a limited budget, small spaces and home offices. These products are characterized by small size dimensions yet optimized…

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Ergonomic Seating

Statistics and studies reveal that ergonomic seating is something all employers should consider for their office staff and effectually eliminate myths relating to seating and occupational hierarchy…

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